Following Design and Style Trends

Home is your sacred space meant for your benefit, it showcases your style and personality. If you gravitate towards a certain faucet finish, shape scheme or era in time then let those shape your dream bath and kitchen.

Thankfully there have been many that have gone before us to show us the way like designers and homeowners such as yourself. When you need some guidance, you can rely on knowledgeable showroom consultants who embrace your vision and know where to find your perfect products. Let’s explore a few trending designed spaces for inspiration!

Black is Back!

This look brings bold style, sharp contrast and a confident statement to the bath space. With so many ways to utilize this shade you can make metallic accents pop while putting your best foot forward with the fixtures such as the tub or toilet.

I.T. Is In The House!

Following Design and Style Trends Blog Photos I.T. Is In The House

This is more than a style, it is a lifestyle.  Creating this space includes such fixtures as an intelligent toilet, Wi-Fi connected voice controlled mirror, digital shower valve and perhaps a 10” colour screen smart touch panel for the steam shower with a Bluetooth and multi-colour lighted speaker! Most technologies for the bath space have a battery backup so a power out doesn’t stop you from being able to use these smart devices.

Dripping In Gold!

Following Design and Style Trends Blog Photos Dripping In Gold

When you want to escape to a place that feels like the lap of luxury, gold tones will most certainly deliver. With warm tones like brushed bronze, brushed gold and polished brass you can create a rich environment that gives a nod to the classic brass bathrooms of old yet escalates it to the posh experience of today!

Industrial Really Works!

Following Design and Style Trends Blog Photos Industrial Really Works

The best thing about the industrial style is that is can blend so easily with modern style or with vintage style. You can play with bare pipe, dark tones, cross handles and concrete or brick. Let the machinations of your imagination take this as far as you desire!

With these ideas in mind you can work closely with your consultant and your contractor or plumber to make sure your fixtures and faucets last you a lifetime. You really can have the bath or kitchen of your dreams, just share that dream out loud with one of our Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom experts!

AUTHOR: Darlene Snellen is an Ensuite Showroom Consultant in Kamloops, BC