About Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms

Combining a knowledgeable team of Showroom Consultants with industry leading products, the Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms in British Columbia are a destination for homeowners, designers and professionals.

Since the first Ensuite showroom opened in Prince George in 1988, we have been quality bath and kitchen products along with industry knowledge, solid recommendations and reliable advice. 

With a network of over 200 suppliers and thousands of products to draw from, we are sure to find just the right products for your new bathroom or kitchen or your renovation project. Book a one-on-one consultation at a showroom near you and experience and explore the Ensuite.

For Homeowners, Designers and Professionals.

In the world of plumbing fixtures, The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms have made their mark through the talent of their advisory service, industry knowledge and well-established professionals. Our industry leading brands of products include the best that North American & European style, quality & workmanship can offer.

The Ensuite is proud to be part of the EMCO family. With over 200 locations across the country offering more than 50,000 products, we are sure to have the plumbing supplies you need. Our decades of experience provide us with the inside knowledge to understand different markets, trends and designs to find that unique piece you have been dreaming about.

Working in partnership with home builders, contractors, designers and homeowners, The Ensuite showrooms continue to be among the top destinations for plumbing fixtures in Canada.

The History of British Columbia's 
Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms

In the beginning....

Our Ensuite showroom brand was born in Prince George, BC in September of 1988 featuring “The Bold Look of Kohler”. Shortly thereafter, in 1990, our first Vancouver showroom was completed.

During this time, plumbing wholesale showrooms were a new thing and very much uncharted territory. It was a new way of providing consumers with an upscale place to view and select plumbing fixtures for their renovation or new construction rather than just shopping over the counter or from a regular hardware store.


The finer things...

As with anything that EMCO does, we do it up right. Every vignette was designed and decorated right down to the last hand towel and robe hook. Carpet and tile adorned almost every surface in the showroom along with carefully placed floral arrangements and decorative vases. 

Grand, opulent, luxurious were all words that described our showrooms back then. Our Vancouver location even had a baby grand piano in one of the suites.

Big, bold and luxurious...

Polished brass, gold and chrome complimented every room. Oversize drop-in tubs with multiple jets and back jets were ready for consumers to take for a test drive. 

We didn’t have any concerns regarding water conservation in those days, so those large showers with spray heads coming at you from every angle were very popular.


Colour me curious...

When competitor showrooms started to enter the market place with white fixtures, EMCO and Kohler were doing the opposite. Timberline Green, Desert Bloom, Seafoam Green, Raspberry Puree and Merlot were all common fixture colors by Kohler. 

It was a time of jewel tones or soft pastel colors and of course black and white. As with most fashion trends they come and go, so don’t be surprised if the cycle starts to repeat itself. 

Keeping things personal...

Our showroom team consisted of many young women who had personality and strong sales skills to deal with a typical male dominated industry. A dress code of black & cream was what identified our young women who were provided with a small clothing allowance to maintain the professional look in the showroom.

Looking back we are proud to say we were one of the first to bring plumbing showrooms to the market and have been pushing the envelope opening new, expansive showrooms across this country every year.

Looking back at the Ensuite Victoria

Continuing excellence....

For over 30 years, we have been a leading provider of bath and kitchen products in British Columbia. Our Ensuite showrooms continue to evolve, offering a wider variety of products on display and more immersive environments.

Styles, trends and colours may change over the years, but our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience and advice will continue to be what sets us apart, making us a preferred destination for homeowners and contractors.

Emco Corporation

Emco Corporation is a leading wholesale distributor of plumbing, HVAC, industrial and waterworks products in Canada.  With more than 200 locations, Emco provides its customers with the solutions they need for any size project.  

Whether you’re a homeowner or large contractor, Emco can provide the high-quality products and superior service to get the job done.